Et in Arcadia Ego

Poetry is an art of imitation... that is to say, a representing, counterfeiting, or figuring forth--to speak metaphorically,
a speaking picture...
--Sir Philip Sidney, The Defence of Poesie



Wither Speaking Picture? It seems no one bothers to visit blogs anymore; no one can be bothered to click over from whatever social media platform they're currently scrolling through. So I've decided to swing with a subscription model for my varied writing, Reports from the Phantastikon, a weekly bulletin (sent out every Wednesday) of poems in prose and verse, flash fictions, reviews, critical commentary, aphorisms, feuilletons, satires, cri de coeurs, crackpot ideas, and strange stories that may or may not be dreams within dreams, all of which will wing their way into your email inbox, where you can ignore them at your peril, since Tiny Letter shows me exaclty who opens the emails (mwahahaha). But if you like this sort of thing, and look forward to writings sent directly to you for your perusal, you can sign up right here

If you scroll down to the next entry, you'll see it was posted in February 2010. Does this mean Speaking Picture has been fallow these past five years, yet another abandoned website in the digital haze? Not exactly. For four Aprils in a row (2011-2014), I did the NaPoWriMo challenge, writing a poem a day and posting it here with an accompanying image. All those poems have since been revised; the earlier drafts that lived here on the site have been taken down so they can appear elsewhere, in literary journals or a book or on the backs of the stained and crumpled envelopes that will doubtless be found in the pockets of my unclaimed corpse (haha, I kid... I would never write on the back of a stained envelope). Hence the gap. Whether 2015 brings another round of NaPoWriMo still remains to be seen. 

Speaking of publications, The Operating System published a chapbook of my poems in April of 2014, Spooky Action at a Distance. It's available from the publisher here.

I'm slightly stunned to realize that I published more poems in 2014 than in any previous year. In addition to poems that appeared in the print journals Strangelet, Stoneboat, Noctua Review and Flush'd, there were all these that appeared online:

Really System published "Satan's Skull Glows White Hot."

The Lake published "The Hive."

Cider Press Review published "And the Lamb, But Only Much Later."

The Leopard Seal published "Rungs."

Ithaca Lit published "Ode to the Flux Capacitor" and "H."

The Thing Itself published "Dream by Fire," "Edo Ode," and "The Jules Bug."

Other Rooms published "Your Hands Must Be Held in a Natural Position," "MTV-theory," and "Parable & Analogy Search the Bedroom for Their Clothes."

Ricochet Magazine published "Fast Song" and "Disaster Song."

Fruita Pulp published "Unfinished" and "Waiting for the Great Pumpkin."

The Dos Passos Review published "My Father's Ghost."

Cartagena Review published "And Starring Lee Harvey Oswald as the 13th Doctor."

The Squawk Back published "Market Rate" and "Siri, Where are the Snows of Yesteryear?"

Behemoth Review published "Comes Autumn With Her Serenade."

Killer Whale Journal published "Category Three."

Josephine Quarterly published "Runaway Tire Checks into Hotel Conference Room."

And now I believe we're all up to date. Watch this space for... well, who knows.